Belltone® Guitar Demo with Doug Rappoport

Doug takes the Belltone® B-Classic One Model in Shell Pink with Maple Fingerboard and Rio Grande pickups as well as a Belltone® B-Classic Two Model in Vintage White with Rosewood Fingerboard and TV Jones Classic Plus and SuperTron 'Red Face' pickups for virtuoso test run through one of his own arrangements.

Belltone Guitars B1 Classic Demo - Summer Gear Slam 2020

The Miami-based company offers a brand-new model that is customizable with a handful of one-off pickups from TV Jones, Rio Grande, and more.

PremierGuitar 'Summer Gear Fest' July 2020 - Belltone®Guitars Interview

PremierGuitars' Jason Shadrick interviews Stephen Harriman, founder of Belltone®Guitars, regarding the new B-Classic models and new 'Custom-Select System™ launching Fall 2020