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When your custom Belltone® guitar is ready, we'll send you an invoice for the balance due. After payment is received, will ship it to you

Build and Design with Belltone’s Custom-Select options

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Designed, cut, finished and assembled by hand in US one at a time

ABOUT US Belltone Guitars | Our Story - The Belltone® Custom-Select System

The Belltone® Custom-Select System™ is all about you creating the desired signature ‘sound and look’ for your new Belltone® guitar at our custom shop.

Our online, custom build functionality makes it easy to tailor your instrument to your specific needs at our store. The Belltone® virtual real-time 'build and see' platform provides the flexibility to let you customize key elements like color/finish, binding, pickguard, neck, tuners, pickups, and more to create the guitar of your dreams ... all at an exceptional value. Guitar players that have been looking for a more affordable handmade, built in the US guitar, with authentic, boutique craftsmanship, design, and quality... need to look no further.

At Belltone®Guitars, we offer our own unique design aesthetic as the foundation and we look to you, the individualist, to impart your own vision via our curated selection of customizable options.

Be a part of the process! Use our easy Custom-Select System™ to mix, match, and view your selected options instantly. When ready, make the deposit, add any additional info or comments, and we will reach out to you to discuss and collaborate on your build. When your signature Belltone® is ready and the balance paid, we will ship it to you (with free shipping). It's that simple!

If you have always wanted to buy a customized guitar to complete or add to your guitar collection, a custom guitar that reflects your individualism and desire to step out of the mainstream, what are you waiting for? Our experienced team will create your signature Belltone® guitar today.

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