1. Is a deposit required for my guitar build?

Yes, we require a 50% deposit prior to starting. There is a 7 day grace period to request a full refund of the deposit. After 7 days, the 50% deposit is non-refundable.

2. Is Belltone® a full Custom Shop?

Each and every one of our guitars is custom built on a ‘made to order only’ basis with creative input from the guitarist. This noted, we do not consider ourselves as a full service custom shop in the traditional sense … as we focus only on our own Belltone® designs and provide focused and curated customization based solely on our Custom-Select System™.

3. What is the lead time before my guitar will be ready to ship?

Lead times will vary slightly based on what components and finishing are selected and our overall workload … but we are vigilantly committed to achieving a 90 day turnaround or sooner as our operating benchmark.

4. Do you sell your custom Belltone® hardware or pickups?

We sell our Belltone® custom made pickups as well as our custom made Belltone®Lockers™ tuners and our Tall-Boy™ Control and Switch knobs in our online ‘Shop’.

We also offer our custom shape Belltone® pickguards separately as well … which is a great way to change up the look of your guitar without major investment or modification to the instrument.

We do not offer our Bellone® ‘Devil’s Tail™ ‘T-style bridge and control plate nor our bodies and our necks for separate sale at this time.

5. Will you do different custom Body or Headstock shapes?

Sorry … only what is provided as our ‘signature’ offering through our Custom-Select System™

6. Does my Belltone® guitar come with a case?

Yes, each guitar comes with a case as part of the total package price. Our Belltone® hardwood cases are fitted with a firm form molded inner lining to cushion and protect.

*FYI … Belltone® guitars will not fit in standard Gibson LP cases or Fender T-style and S-style cases.

7. Do you provide regular service for repair or modifications?

We only offer repair service for defects in manufacturing as outlined in our warranty terms. We do not offer post-build mods to our guitars.

8. Do you offer different neck profiles or radius?

Not at this time … we believe our signature neck profile and compound radius represent the best matchup for our guitars.

9. Do you offer different body and neck woods?

Not at this time … we need to be as focused and as streamlined as possible to maximize efficiencies ... keeping our costs low to pass on the best value we can to you for the investment.

10. Do you offer separate Maple Laminate Top finishing?

Not at this time … we hope to in the future.

11. Can I get my Belltone Guitar with a worn relic, vintage aged finish?

Yes … partner with us in building your Belltone® guitar, get it home, and play it daily. After 5 to 10 years, we assure you that you will have created your very own custom, one of a kind, truly authentic well worn aged finish. As to us doing faux relic finishing … being a new brand to the market, we don’t think this is something we should offer at this time.

12. Can I have my Belltone® guitar and/or neck finished with a buffed high gloss shine?

Yes … we can do a high gloss finish on either the body or the neck upon request. You can use our request form when ordering to review details.

13. Can you finish in something other than Nitro Lacquer?

Yes … You can use our request form when ordering and we will review details and we will advise.

14. Why the Filtertron Pickup option only … they are not as mainstream as Gibson PAF style humbuckers or Fender style single coil pickups ?

Exactly … Why not ? We love the first true humbucker on the market and see it as the road less traveled. The market surely doesn’t need another standard humbucker or single coil sound and look.

The sonic potential of the filtertron has been recognized from the early days with Chet Atkins to today’s artists such as Brian Seltzer, Billy Duffy … all the way to the classic hard edged crunch of Malcom Young. Working within the size spec and stylistic appearance of the filtertron format, we have been able to partner with many different boutique pickup builders to offer a wide and varied assortment of sonic characteristics.

15. Can I get my Belltone® Guitar routed and fitted with standard PAF humbucker pickups or classic Strat or Tele style/size pickups instead of Filtertrons?

Sorry … we only do the Filtertron® format. We believe our multi-pickup offering via our Custom-Select System™ provides ampel sonic variety to cover most needs and offers something slightly more unique and special.

16. Can I return my custom built Belltone® guitar because I'm not happy with it?

All sales are final, including custom built orders AND inventory orders. We are committed to insure our product to be the best it can be and will work to address any issues related to major flaws or non functioning components ( please reference our Return/Refund Policy). However, we do not cover sudden change of heart issues based on subjective concerns such as, “the guitar failed to make me more self assured about my commitment to join a mid 80’s heavy metal band” or "I thought it would make me sound like Pete Townsend on the ‘Live at Leeds’ album but it’s just not getting me there". We reserve the right to take returns for substantial manufacturing defects only as outlined in our warranty terms.

17. What forms of payment do you accept?

We're set up to accept all major credit cards and Paypal®. We default to processing payments via credit card unless otherwise selected. To protect your personal information our shopping cart utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The presence of SSL means you can rest assured all personal information (e.g. billing address, credit card numbers, etc) exchanged with our site is 100% encrypted and secure. Your personal information will only be used to communicate with you in reference to your order. We don’t share your information with any third parties outside of processing payment transactions. If you have any additional payment questions please email us directly.

18. Do you collect sales tax?

We only collect sales tax for anything we sell and ship within the state of Florida. The sales tax for Florida is currently at a rate of 6%. We don't collect taxes for selling/shipping products to any other state, or country.

19. What are your shipping terms and do you ship internationally?

We offer free complimentary shipping for all Belltone®Guitars in the continental USA. For USA orders we use signature release USPS Priority service or UPS Ground. For international and other orders the shipping and insurance cost are the buyers responsibility.

20. What are the dimensions of the Belltone® guitar neck?

We use the same basic neck dimensions on all guitar models unless otherwise mentioned. Nut width is 1-11/16″, profile is a medium oval, and approximate thickness from front to back is .85 at the 1st fret, and .90″ at the 12th fret. However, there will be some variation due to wood expansion and contraction, machining tolerances, and paint variations. Overall, they are slightly thicker than a typical Fender American Standard Strat or Tele neck.

If you have any more questions, we welcome you to reach out us at info@belltoneguitars.com