What's It About?

The Custom-Select System™ is our two tiered customization platform. Tier Two is a curated collection of unique selectable options that provide the opportunity for creative customization of the sound and the look of the instrument.




Select B-Classic One or B-Classic Two


(B-Classic One model only) … select cream or black


Select from a wide selection of solid and burst options


Select material/colors from WD Music or DecoBoom custom pickguards
*WD Music

Neck Fingerboard

Select Maple or Rosewood


Select either our standard ‘signature’ issue Belltone®Lockers™ or Sperzel staggered in line 6 locking tuners
*Sperzel locking staggered in – line 6


StringJoy Strings

Manufactured in Nashville since 2014, StringJoy optimize their process for string performance, not manufacturing speed or labor efficiency. Making a Stringjoy string takes time … and their goal is to make only the best strings. We at Bellone® believe that StringJoy strings sound fuller, perform better, and last longer than anything else out there.

… three different gauges to choose from

*Stringjoy Signatures | Balanced Super Light Gauge (9-42) Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

*Stringjoy Signatures | Balanced Super Light Plus Gauge (9.5-46) Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

*Stringjoy Signatures | Balanced Light Gauge (10-48) Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings


Choose from our exclusive collection of tonal options based on our own Belltone® designs and those from our collaborative partnerships with US and International boutique pickup builders.

Brand Belltone


The classic ‘Tron’ reimagined with the increased clarity of a traditional filtertron but with more output, more mids, and overall greater punch. Housed in our exclusive hilo ‘open silver foil face’ casing.


All the mid tone growl and kick of a standard single coil P-90 but without the 60 cycle hum. Housed in our brushed nickel filtertron size casing.


Hot Rodded PAF humbucker tone with articulate bass, rich mids, and smooth highs. Housed in our exclusive Hilo ‘open silver foil face’ casing.


Vintage Strat single coil tone with slightly more output in our ‘noiseless’ stack format. Housed in our full open face filtertron size casing.

*Classic Plus-Bridge

Like a classic filtertron character but with more attitude, the TV Classic Plus is wound with thinner gauge wire providing slightly rounder top-end and touch of more output. Many players desire a Filter’Tron that has “more” to it’s sound … this pickup fills that need very well.

*SuperTron - Neck

The TV Jones Super’Tron is a replica of the original early 1960’s prototype design. It is basically a TV Classic with steel blades instead of pole screws and the resulting tone retains classic Filter’tron clarity, but with a bold and full broadband punch. The steel blades used in the Super’Tron provide a larger magnetized surface area producing greater inductance and you will notice a little more output and body with a slightly more accentuated lower-mid range. Warmer and less aggressive than the mid 1960’s Gretsch Super’Trons.

– Both pickups are housed in a vintage style hilo-tron ‘open face’ casing. They are offered in Black, Off White Parchment, and Red.

Benson Custom

*Dot-Tron PAF

Captures the warm, clean, and smooth characteristics of the late 50’s, early 60’s PAF humbuckers with just a pinch more output. Housed in Benson’s retro dot mesh casing.

*Single Tron

Classic 60’s Strat single coil tone with bell-like clarity and definition. Bright high end, smooth mids, and a balanced low end. Available in Black, White, and Brick.

*BBQ Tron - bridge

All the refined brawn of the BBQ standard humbucker in a filtertron package. It is ‘hot’ but not a distortion pickup, just more muscle. Very different tonality than a standard vintage Filtertron pickup. If you’re looking for a direct traditional Filtertron replacement sound (sparkle/jangle), this isn’t the pickup for you. But if you are seeking a more aggressive mid soaked sonic approach that retains clarity and articulation, this is a great choice

*Tex Tron - Neck

Perfect partner to the BBQ Tron bridge pickup … Slightly less output but with great warmth and punch. Both pickups are available in Vintage White Pearl and Tortoise Shell open face format.

*Mojo Tron-90

True untamed vintage single coil P-90 tone but in a Filtertron size casing. Played clean, they are clear, bright but with a somewhat rounded high end warmth, and when pushed hard, they rock & rage with a full, deep mid driven howl.

*MojoTron® Single Coil

Utilizes Fender style Alnico 5 rod magnets for extra brightness and sparkle. Provides the classic single coil bell-like chime and articulation in a Filtertron® size P-90 style casing

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