Choose from our exclusive collection of model, neck, hardware, and finish options to create your own unique vision for your signature Belltone® guitar.




Select B-Classic One or B-Classic Two


(B-Classic One model only) … select cream or black


Select from a wide selection of solid and burst options


Select material/colors from WD Music or DecoBoom custom pickguards
*WD Music

Neck Fingerboard and Profile

Select Maple or Rosewood Fingerboard.
Select Standard Deep ‘C’ or Thicker ’59 Roundback Profile.


Select either our standard ‘signature’ issue Belltone®Lockers™ or Sperzel staggered in line 6 locking tuners
*Sperzel locking staggered in – line 6
*Ratio Electric Locking Machine Heads
*Kluson locking tuner


StringJoy Strings

Manufactured in Nashville since 2014, StringJoy optimize their process for string performance, not manufacturing speed or labor efficiency. Making a Stringjoy string takes time … and their goal is to make only the best strings. We at Bellone® believe that StringJoy strings sound fuller, perform better, and last longer than anything else out there.

… three different gauges to choose from

*Stringjoy Signatures | Balanced Super Light Gauge (9-42) Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

*Stringjoy Signatures | Balanced Super Light Plus Gauge (9.5-46) Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

*Stringjoy Signatures | Balanced Light Gauge (10-48) Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

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The canvas upon which to design your own
signature Belltone® guitar.

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