How It Works?

Step 1

What's It About?

First, learn all about our Signature Features and Curated Options

Step 2

Pick a Model

Then go to the Create page and choose a model ...
B-classic one or B-classic two.

Step 3

Dream Away

Design & Create 'what if' scenarios by selecting options.

Step 4

Upload your 'Signature' guitar

When your vision and design for your Belltone® guitar is finalized, go to 'Review and Purchase'. In addition to reviewing the details of your selections, please make sure to read our Terms and Conditions page and we suggest reviewing our FAQ page as well. Then when ready, select 'Checkout' and submit with any additional comments you may have in the 'Checkout' comment section. 

Step 5


In 'Checkout', you will be prompted to provide your contact and payment information for placing a 50% deposit.  Remember, do not forget to add any additional comments or requests in the 'comment box' on the 'Checkout 'page. Once your deposit payment is made, your order is sent to us.

Step 6


When order is received, we will contact you to discuss and review any details as necessary. We want to make sure we known exactly what you want and that you are comfortable with moving forward. You have a full 7 days from order submission to cancel your order for any reason and receive a full refund of your 50% deposit.

Step 7

Begin your Build

After we partner with you in reviewing your order and detailed specifications, and all is clear, we start your build.

Step 8

We Deliver

When your guitar is done being handcrafted, we will notify you and send an invoice for the balance due. When funds are received, we will ship you your new 'Signature' Belltone® guitar.

Step 9

Still Got Questions?

Check out our FAQ page or just feel free to contact as needed.